New Construction


Once the design is determined,
we can begin the process of making your dream space a reality:


We visit the site and review all measurements to ensure accuracy and compliance with municipality regulations. The finalized pool design is submitted to the county/city’s permitting department for approval (allow 2-3 weeks). After the permit is issued construction can begin.


We layout your pool as designed allowing extra space to accommodate for the pool shell.

Excavation and Steel Reinforcement

Once the pool is staked out excavation begins. We then install the steel reinforcement and start the initial plumbing. Upon the completion of this step you will have an outline of what the final project will look like.

Application of Shotcrete

The shotcrete will be placed pneumatically, in-bedding the steel reinforcement which forms the shell of the pool. The crew will shape and trowel the shotcrete as per your design.

Grade and Plumb

Once the pool shell is in place the deck area is graded and compacted. The concrete is poured and saw cut to minimize deck cracking. The second phase of plumbing is added and pressure tested to ensure there are no leaks.

Brick and Tile

At this stage the waterline tile is installed along with the optional upgrade of brick coping.


Whether you selected a standard flo-crete finsh, an upgraded paver deck, or any other finish, our expert crew will install at this time.

Pool Equipment

We use only the best quality pool equipment. At this stage we will install your filter, pool pump, salt systems, automated control systems, pool heater and any other specialty item.

Pool Cage

Your custom pool cage will be measured, fabricated, and installed based upon your color selection.

Baby Barriers or Alarms

According to safety regulations you can choose either the installation of a barrier inhibiting access to your swimming pool or the installation of alarms on windows and doors.

Pool Finish

Your pool will be cleaned and prepped for the pool finish to be applied. Standard finishes will be installed in one day. However, Pebble Tec and Pebble Sheen will require two days to install. Once your selected pool finish is properly installed the pool will be filled with water.

Start-up and Chemical Balance

Once the pool is filled with water (which may take a couple of days) we will start-up your pool using a specific procedure outlined by the manufacturer of the pool finish that was installed.

Pool School

You will be instructed how to properly maintain your pool. We will show you how to test your water and care for your weekly pool needs.

Weekly Pool Maintenance Service (Optional)